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  • Farris Engineering Valves Pressure Safety and Relief Valves, Certified Valve Parts Click Here To View Our Catalog
  • Worcester Controls valves Ball Valves, Actuators, Valve Parts, Positioners, and Control Units 
  • Everlasting Valves Boiler Blow Down Valves,
    Valve Parts
  • Trerice Thermometers Thermometers, Gauges,
    Temperature Regulators
  • Sprague Pumps Air Driven Pump and Pump Parts,
    Gas Boosters, and Test Stands
  • Flowserve Vogt Gate Valves, Globe Valves, and
    Check Valves

Worcester Valves and Other Brands

A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Pressure Safety Valves and Boiler Blow Down Valves

Finding the specialist valve parts, controls, and actuators you need without spending hours surfing the 'net, trying to track them down, can be a real challenge. To meet the needs of customers that want to be easily able to source Worcester ball valves, controls, actuators, or need to track down Sprague pumps and gas booster products or a hydraulic air driven pump, we stock a comprehensive range of relevant merchandise, including stock from top brands and products such as Flowserve valves, Farris pressure safety valves and Everlasting valve parts

Swift Dispatch, Competitive Pricing

As an established provider of Watson McDaniel pressure relief valves and pressure regulating valves, as well as a host of related products, we know that engineers and other professionals nearly always need parts yesterday, preferably for free! Although we're not quite there with time travel and cost free product sourcing, we do aim to rapidly dispatch your order and ensure that our prices are always competitive.

Expert Knowledge of Our Products

As a specialist provider, we have an in-depth understanding of our merchandise and are always happy to do our best to assist our clients when it comes to identifying the best part for the job. If you're not sure which product is going to be most effective, or have a challenging project that you need parts for, we will always do our best to provide a helpful solution. We spend a considerable amount of time in product research and procurement, reviewing new innovations and developments to ensure that our stock represents the very best merchandise on the market.

Farris Pressure Relief Valves and Valve Parts

We stock premium goods, manufactured by some of the leading names in the sector. We know that many of our parts are vital for safety reasons and always source with care to ensure what we offer is of an exceptionally high standard. If you would like to know more about any of our product ranges or would like to place an order, call us at (800) 486-8699.

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